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Burglaries in Pearland

A string of burglaries has been occurring in Pearland homes since the new year according to  Pearland police are reporting that the burglars have been kicking in front doors and breaking windows to get into the homes. According to their report, one witness relayed information about a dark-colored 4-door vehicle leaving the scene of one of the break-ins.  

More about this story can be found here.

Plant a Tree in Pearland

Saturday, the 12th is Arbor Day at Keep Pearland Beautiful.  More than 600 seedlings will be distributed free to Pearlanders from 8am to 12pm at the Pearland Community Center and at the Westside Event Center, while supplies last.  Take your kids and help them plant a tree.

Tax Protest in Brazoria County


Attention Brazoria County taxpayers if you can drive to Angleton, you might not need to pay 50% to a tax protest firm.


The appraisal district office is located in Angleton at 500 N. Chenango, right behind the Brazoria County Courthouse.  The people you will speak to are friendly and knowledgeable about how to arrive at value and they are reasonable. 


The easiest type of protest to explain is market value.  What are similar homes selling for in the neighborhood?  Recently, Texas allowed the inclusion of distressed or foreclosed sales if they fit into the pattern of sales.  You will have a better chance at success if you utilize five sold properties that are similar to your home to meet their criteria.  You have the advantage because you have knowledge and information specifically about those sales that the appraiser has probably not seen before the meeting.


For tax protests, May 31, 2011 is the mail postmark deadline or at least 30 days after notification.  My guess is that you will not have an appointment until the end of June or later.  If you are not satisfied, you can request a board review with three unbiased residents of the County.  If that is not satisfactory, then for $250, you may arbitrate and get $225 back if you win.  Check on the back of their form Value is over market and Value is unequal compared with other properties.  Unequal is difficult, and I check it as a last resort, but hardly ever use it.  Leave what you think your property value is blank, unless you have comparable sales information.  No real estate agent uses tax assessed value.  That value is computer generated for the 400,000 properties.  I have seen both tremendously high and low assessed values. 


As far as scheduling, I have reset appointments with no problem and also dropped into their office (late afternoon) when I happened to be in Angleton weeks before my appointment.


If you plan to protest, email me, I will send you my five picks.  $20,000 off assessed = $500 - $600 in savings depending on a tax rate of 2.5 - 3%...


Richard Skotak  

HUD Homes in the Houston area

Check out the great savings on HUD homes The Silver Star Group has available in the Harris / Brazoria County area.

Fresh Christmas trees


I am off to Holiday Acres to buy a fresh cut tree. The pine fragrance and the natural beauty will be sure to bring smiles. Look for green needles that have a wonderful, Christmas tree smell,  Remember to cut off at least one-half inch of trunk, If you do not make a fresh cut, the tree will not be able to drink water. Holiday Acres is on the way to Frobergs farm on Hwy 6, Just South of us..

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